Week 8…Really?

I cant believe it is Week Eight already, I feel like I have been jamming through this semester.  These past two weeks have been hard.  My family has been caring for my Grandmother with Alzheimer’s for about three years, watching her slowly decline into a near catatonic state has been especially devastating for my Father.  While we are all relieved that she is in a much better place, we are still reconciling with her loss.

However as far as class goes; I really benefited from the Google Earth tour, I never knew about this feature! The two YouTube videos that were posted were incredibly helpful and I really liked putting together a tour of Dr. Mae C. Jemison’s biography.  I may end up using it in my class for my upcoming Space Unit.  Dr. Jemison was the first African American woman in space, making it a great chance to promote diversity in STEM.


Image Credit: Azquotes.com

The Flipped Classroom



I’ve always been quite nerdy which I have stated in previous posts and so this week’s screencast assignment was really exciting.  Not only was I able to use my many pieces of technology like my USB Yeti microphone and my HD webcam but I was able to combine it with my passion for teaching!! In a past life I used to stream video games, so I have the technology to do all of it and the recent research on the Flipped Classroom is really exciting to me.

I always thought about teaching online, before I started working in Special Education I worked from home as a virtual personal assistant for a worldwide non profit and really enjoyed it.  Now having my son working from home in a virtual classroom seems even more exciting and I may just start to look for those types of positions!

Feel free to check out my screencast and let me know what you think, its over on my YouTube channel.

Image Credit: http://mozuku.edublogs.org