Week Four Has Arrived!

Week four of my graduate degree adventure and I am really enjoying it so far!  I never imagined I would have made it to Graduate school, let alone doing it while working fulltime and having a 6 month at home.  I am so incredibly blessed by the fact I have the support to juggle it all.

I was very excited about being able to learn about flipped classrooms this week, I have always had a desire to do online learning and be able to work from home with my son.  I actually finished the last two years of my undergraduate degree completely online!  Since being back into the classroom, I have been surprised by how much I like it.  I appreciate the feedback, the callouts in class and the interaction with my fellow students.  The concept of flipped classrooms really seems to be a perfect combination of online learning but hands on learning.

I have set up my Youtube channel, I actually have one for my “gaming” persona.  I have done livestreaming before and have recorded/edited videos before so I am excited to begin our first screencast assignment.


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