The Classroom of the Future


What will we be teaching, how will we be teaching in the future? These are both questions that were brought up by this week’s videos and texts.  Helping form a child’s mind, their views about education and encouraging lifelong growth are already heavy enough but finding out we are teaching students who will have a job that is not even in the work force currently is quite heavy.

How do we reach these students? How do we teach students who are adapting to new technology on a daily basis? I believe the answer is join in.  Currently I have more friends spread out across the world than I do within a 30 mile radius.  These friends have all different types of backgrounds, hobbies, and more. These interactions create learning moments, ones that I would love to reproduce for the children in my classroom.

Understanding what my students are “into” is imperative to reach them.  Just recently I was working with my 4th graders on a worksheet after reading a book, these students are reading at a level closer to 2nd or lower.  These students know reading is tough, they don’t enjoy it and writing using vocabulary is even tougher for them.  I turned to one student and asked what she wanted to write for the vocabulary word “length” she didn’t respond.  I said, what about “I want to measure the length of Catwoman’s car.” ? She immediately lit up, this is her favorite movie and she started to write furiously.  That isn’t a short sentence at all, but something she loved and excited her made it easy to write.

Technology should be the same way, many of our kids are used to the new constant sensory input of video games, television, etc. It shouldn’t be our job to “break them” of it or discourage habits or skills that may end up landing them a job in the future.  We are still nurturers and we should nurture all skills they may have including ones we may not have or don’t understand quite yet.


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